You keep using that word

“Does the science in science fiction have to be accurate?” That’s a question I’ve seen more than once. But beyond the (debatable) basics, what does “accurate” even mean in terms of science fiction? When I was a kid, an astronaut came to my elementary school. The thing I remember most vividly is his rundown of all the … Continue reading You keep using that word

2016 Hugo Awards

Far more illustrious blogs than this one are reacting to and discussing the 2016 Hugo award nominations (which, much like your taxes, are for work done in 2015). I’ll provide a roundup of a few interesting ones below, but here’s my own personal reaction: I’m mostly just kinda bummed out that so many excellent podcasts, related works, and short stories were overlooked in … Continue reading 2016 Hugo Awards

Wrong about Who

Hello from Lobbycon at Gallifrey One! On the drive here, I was (duh) thinking about “Doctor Who,” and it occurred to me that there were four things that I turned out to be completely wrong about. Wrong Thing Number One: The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton) Before I watched any Second Doctor episodes, I was expecting … Continue reading Wrong about Who

Convention Anticipation

The first convention of the year for me is Gallifrey One in Los Angeles. It’s a Doctor Who convention, but it’s also kind of the Doctor Who convention, despite being a cozy, fan-run, American event. It’s not perfect, but it’s an amazing experience. Its superpower is the ability to make everyone, from guests to new fans, … Continue reading Convention Anticipation