Saving Graces of 2016

  Advances in Science & Conservation GHOSTS GRAVITIONAL WAVES ARE REAL!!! Thanks, risktaking science. I hope you can stick around… Pandas off the endangered species list Measles declared eradicated in North & South America First solar-powered airport in Africa opens (George Airport in South Africa–and note: The only other solar-powered airport in the world is in … Continue reading Saving Graces of 2016

2016 Hugo Awards

Far more illustrious blogs than this one are reacting to and discussing the 2016 Hugo award nominations (which, much like your taxes, are for work done in 2015). I’ll provide a roundup of a few interesting ones below, but here’s my own personal reaction: I’m mostly just kinda bummed out that so many excellent podcasts, related works, and short stories were overlooked in … Continue reading 2016 Hugo Awards

That kind of week

Interstellar Teahouse will never be a breaking news type of place, and I don’t have much interest in the strange posthumous conversations that erupt after beloved celebrities pass away in general. That said, Alan Rickman has a special place in the geek firmament. Below are some remembrances from his geeky co-stars and other bits and bobs. … Continue reading That kind of week