Saving Graces of 2016

  Advances in Science & Conservation GHOSTS GRAVITIONAL WAVES ARE REAL!!! Thanks, risktaking science. I hope you can stick around… Pandas off the endangered species list Measles declared eradicated in North & South America First solar-powered airport in Africa opens (George Airport in South Africa–and note: The only other solar-powered airport in the world is in … Continue reading Saving Graces of 2016

The Kids These Days and the Novels: 2 Stoning 2 Romance

Last time, I promised you some actual peer-reviewed academic research on romance novels, but then I immediately undermined both the words “peer-reviewed” and “academic.” Let’s get started right away by looking at “Love Means Never Having to be Careful: The Relationship Between Reading Romance Novels and Safe Sex Behavior”, in the Psychology of Women Quarterly. The … Continue reading The Kids These Days and the Novels: 2 Stoning 2 Romance

Hey, Check This Out: Space Kabuki Edition

We’re not back at work quite yet, which is why we’re posting so many links. Things will calm down soon! For today, though, we’ve got a bunch of space and science links, more Star Wars stuff, some Neko Atsume fan art, a couple of fun videos, and a bunch more.