Saving Graces of 2016

  Advances in Science & Conservation GHOSTS GRAVITIONAL WAVES ARE REAL!!! Thanks, risktaking science. I hope you can stick around… Pandas off the endangered species list Measles declared eradicated in North & South America First solar-powered airport in Africa opens (George Airport in South Africa–and note: The only other solar-powered airport in the world is in … Continue reading Saving Graces of 2016

Year-End Review

2016 was a terrible year overall. But though it feels wrong to say so, 2016 was actually pretty good for me, socially and professionally.  Especially in a terrible year like this one, sitting down in December and recording your successes is essential. We’re going to need the reminder to give us fuel for next year. … Continue reading Year-End Review

WTO Master Classes

Writing the Other: Master Classes are focused, live, online workshops of just a few hours–not a six-week commitment like the excellent workshop that I did–that go more deeply into specific topics. These include writing Native American characters, writing comics/graphic novels, writing asexual characters, writing deaf and blind characters, and other topics.